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Welcome to the Highly Expressed Genes Database (HEG-DB). The HEG-DB is a genomic database that includes the prediction of which genes are highly expressed in prokaryotic complete genomes under strong translational selection. The current version of the database contains general features for almost 200 genomes under translational selection, including the correspondence analysis of the relative synonymous codon usage for all genes, and the analysis of their highly expressed genes. For each genome, the database contains functional and positional information about the predicted group of highly expressed genes. Among other statistical parameters, the database also provides the Codon Adaptation Index using the codon usage of the highly expressed genes as a reference set.

How to cite:
- Puigbo P., Romeu A. and Garcia-Vallve S. 2008. HEG-DB: a datase of predict highly expressed genes in prokaryotic complete genomes under translational selection. Nucleic Acids Research, 36:D524-7.
- Puigbo P., Guzman E.Romeu A. and Garcia-Vallve S. 2007 OPTIMIZER: A web server for optimizing the codon usage of DNA sequences. Nucleic Acids Research., 35:W126-W131.

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Select one or more of these genomes and click the "Genomes Consult" button to see the statistical parameters (including CA plot and translational selection prediction) of the selected genomes.

This application has been financied by the following project:

   "Plan Nacional de I+D+I (2003), Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia (Ref. BIO2003-07672).

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